When Ineffective Process Service Is Not An Option

In legal matters, inefficiency is not an option, and a process server can set the pace, for better or worse.

As Roanoke and the New River Valley's most reliable process server, Pollock's Process Serving specializes where other process servers often fail: we successfully serve documents on even the most challenging individuals. What makes us different?

  • Reliability.

    We have established a reputation for reliable, timely service of process, despite any challenges that arise.
  • Resources.

    Through our partnership with a Virginia-licensed and insured private investigation firm, Bulldog Investigations and Security (BIS), we have access to skip tracing databases typically unavailable to process servers. Additionally, we employ the latest technologies. Our process servers are equipped with GPS navigation equipment, cell phones, and Internet accessible laptop computers while on assignment.
  • Accountability.

    Whenever possible, a covert camera captures high-resolution images of the recipient. These images are forwarded to our client, providing additional evidence of a sucessful process service. In situations where a defendant denies recieving a summons, our photographs have proven invaluable to our clients.